Valencia Designers Virtual Trade Mission to the UK

The Valencian Community is one of the most outstanding design hubs in Spain.

The existence of a large number of companies dedicated to manufacturing consumer goods, fashion and interior design and architecture has encouraged the creation of a wide range of design studios and capabilities.

They provide an interesting marriage between design and manufacturing, with an authentic provenance in a wide variety of styles.

The contribution of the design sector to the productive economy of the non-primary sectors of the Valencian Community is 2.1%, or 3,762 million euros.


UK-based companies will be able to connect with potential partners on line.

The participating Spanish companies will inform you of their reference projects and objectives in the UK market, as well as discuss collaboration lines.

Aimed at

  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Commercial agents
  • Decoration experts
  • Prescriptors

Products and services

  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Fashion design
  • Product design
  • Materials
  • Eco-design & Green Building
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Other

How does it work?

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Valencia World Design Capital 2022 aims to promote the activity and enhance the quality of this creative sector, making it the main agent for social change and urban innovation. The aim is to generate a whole series of initiatives that will project design beyond 2022, generating a legacy that will transcend and become established as a key value of local and national social fabric. The transversal programme of the Valencia World Design Capital includes a full schedule of events that will cover all the design disciplines, from industrial design to the design of spaces, through architecture and the design of services and interfaces. The aim is to coordinate the schedule with the cultural agenda of the city to fill it with design and to bring design as close as possible to the residents. Its ultimate objective is to implement design strategies in spheres such as politics, education, urban planning, communication, tourism, innovation, culture, business and ecology, and to do so together with companies, institutions and people throughout the Valencian Community and the rest of the country.

The Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) values design as a professional sector which works to generate a positive business, cultural and social impact. It is made up of professional designers, design students and teachers and a few organisations, and we work together with a solid commitment to improving the environment in which we live through design. We are based in Las Naves, an innovation centre belonging to Valencia City Council. Participating from here in the organisation of activities and the provision of content to the centre, which is why so we feel fully involved in this project that we consider essential for the city. Our open and receptive disposition means that we liaise closely with organisations such as the Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ), and the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA). It is in these areas, extraneous to the Valencian Community, that the ADCV has gained wide recognition for the quality and consistency of the association’s actions. Another aspect, noteworthy is our collaboration with Organisations related to innovation or business clusters, and more particularly with the organisation of Valencia World Design Capital 2022. We are the association that is promoting the candidacy and are part of the steering committee of this project which defends design as one of the identifying features of a prosperous, inclusive, creative, sustainable and resilient city.